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Episode 41


Harry Potter Wand Effects Tutorial

Chris, Adrian, and the reformed Professor Unicorn prepare to battle his old apprentice; Ellen, The Hidden One! Enemies become allies, a student confronts her former mentor, and the fate of all the magic in the world is at stake in the finale to Season 3 of Saturday Morning Tutorials!



Episode 40


Star Wars Hologram Tutorial

Thanks to Adrian’s cyborg eye, Sluka sends his final transmission to Chris and Adrian. His posthumous message reveals the existence of The Hidden One and how to stop her, as well as… things that didn’t need to be revealed.




Episode 39


Black Panther Shockwave Effect

The Hidden One has absorbed the power of the world’s most powerful magical items! Before she can execute her final plan, she must cut all loose ends with her power-hungry underlings.




Episode 38


Electric Energy Ball Effect

The Hidden One’s quest for power brings her to Sluka’s warehouse, where she plans to take the Infinity Power Cell. Sluka, however, won’t let her take it without a fight, nor without showing off his newest cybernetic enhancement!




Episode 37


Skrull Transformation Effect

By order of the Hidden One, shapeshifting invaders come in disguise to steal from ProductionCrate! What can you do when your enemies look just like your friends?!




Episode 36


Matrix Effect Tutorial

When four armed thieves break in to ProductionCrate headquarters in order to steal the cool stuff, who is there to stop them? None other than…Professor Unicorn?!




Episode 35


Fire Sword Tutorial

Lost in the dark caverns of the Goblin Empire, the woman known only as “hidden one” must illuminate the caves in order to escape and fulfill her calling.




Episode 34


Tesseract Tutorial

A mysterious woman seeks immense power from the Goblin King. He is not so eager to give her the power she wants, and she is not eager to walk away empty handed.




Episode 33


Dark Phoenix Veins Tutorial

In the Season 3 premiere of Saturday Morning Tutorials, Professor Unicorn returns! But instead of trying to defeat Chris and Adrian, Unicorn attempts to access the powers of the 5th Awakening and defeat an even greater foe…himself.




Episode 32


Dragon Ball Z Aura Tutorial

The tears in time and space reach their apex in the climactic finale to season 3 of Saturday Morning Tutorials! It is up to the combined efforts for Chris, Adrian, Time Cop, and Dr. Slow to restore the universe to its proper order! That is, if they can survive the scorned return of Professor Unicorn!



Episode 31


Back To The Future Time-Jump Tutorial

In the apocalyptic future, Dr. Slow and Professor Unicorn develop a vehicle to travel back through time in order to save the world. But the unexpected arrival of a familiar face changes plans drastically.




Episode 30


Post-Apocalypse Tutorial

Professor Unicorn finds himself transported to a desolate future, with no knowledge of where he is, who he is, or what dangers await him at the end of the world.




Episode 29


Umbrella Academy Teleportation Tutorial

Chris and Adrian must find all the temporal and spacial disturbances in their headquarters…otherwise known as “squishys”




Episode 28


Epic Timelapse Tutorial

Following his defeat at the hands of Chris and Adrian, Professor Unicorn is flung through time as hundreds of years go by. Where will he end up?




Episode 27


Kingsmen X-Ray Umbrella Tutorial

Chris is excited to test the durability of the Crate’s new bulletproof umbrella, with Adrian as the guinea pig. The results of the test are…mixed.




Episode 26


Super Slow-Motion Tutorial

As Chris and Adrian receive a booby-trapped gift from vengeful aliens, it is up to a mysterious scientist to save them. Will he make it in time?




Episode 25


Captain Marvel’s Photon Blast Tutorial

Zurzuron, Champion of the 4 Realms, arrives at the new headquarters to defeat an unsuspecting Adrian! Will Adrian make it out alive?!




Episode 24


Iron Man Nano-Tech Tutorial

Creatures are coming for Chris and Adrian, but Adrian has a trick up his sleeve that will save the day!




Episode 23


Lava Tutorial

More universal tears open up at the Production Crate headquarters, bringing deadly lava with them!




Episode 22


Water-Bending Tutorial

We flash back to one of Chris’ stops on the way to reaching the 5th Awakening; a master with the ability to control water!




Episode 21


Ghost Rider Flaming Skull Tutorial

When Chris tries on a jacket left behind by Professor Unicorn, unexpected things begin to happen…




Episode 20


3D Scan Tutorial

A strange visitor from outer space has come to the Crates to steal all the cool stuff! When will they learn…




Episode 19


Captain Marvel Energy Charge-Up Tutorial

Zurzuron, Champion of the 4 Realms, has traveled from many worlds away to challenge Chris and Adrian!




Episode 18


Blink Portal Tutorial

In the season 2 premiere of Saturday Morning Tutorials, Time Cop comes to warn Chris and Adrian about tears opening up throughout the universe.




Episode 17


Astral Projection Tutorial

Professor Unicorn and the newly enlightened Chris face off in the climactic finale to season 2 of Saturday Morning Tutorials!




Episode 16


Levitation Tutorial

Chris reaches the 5th Awakening, but will it be enough to beat Professor Unicorn!?




Episode 15


Disintegration Tutorial

Detective Dippler is on the case, watch your back, Professor Unicorn!




Episode 14


Travel through Space Tutorial!

Adrian travels in the U.S.S SpaceCrate towards home, but it’s going to be a long journey…




Episode 13


Mystique Transformation Effect!

Professor Unicorn has taken over ProductionCrate Headquarters and only the Users stand in his way. How will he get past this obstacle?




Episode 12


Predator Effects!

Adrian finds himself on an alien planet after being cast through a wormhole. But he’s not alone.




Episode 11


Fall through Space and Time!

Professor Unicorn sends Chris and Adrian spinning through a wormhole like Dr. Strange. Where will they end up?




Episode 10


Throw a Moon like Thanos!

Chris and Adrian face their biggest foe ever. Have they finally found the person responsible for all the horrible things that has happened to them (other than themselves)?




Episode 9


Venom Effects

Will we ever figure out who stole all ProductionCrate’s cool stuff? Our Russian arms dealer escapes a terrible fate, but is he just about to succumb to a worse one?




Episode 8


Thanos Portal Effect in After Effects

Chris thinks he knows who stole all their cool stuff, but needs a way to get to his suspect! If only they had something powerful enough…




Episode 7


Harry Potter Apparition VFX

Adrian is banished to the mailroom for his constant shenanigans and learns a valuable lesson about opening other people’s mail.




Episode 6


Transform like Loki!

Chris has a cool new hammer because all his other cool stuff got stolen. Adrian wants to play with it but since he was in charge of security, he isn’t allowed. A new security guard is hired to protect the hammer, Adrian needs to find a way to get by him.




Episode 5


Ghost’s Effect from Ant-Man and the Wasp

A mysterious thief shows up at ProductionCrate HQ while everyone is on taco-break. Who hired her to steal all the cool stuff?!




Episode 4


Become a Giant, with MATH!!

Adrian contacts a Russian arms dealer for some illegal technology to help grow his eye back. There is a misunderstanding. Chris offers Adrian an eye from the random box of bionic eyes that showed up out of nowhere.




Episode 3


Put a Gun through a Hand like Deadpool

Chris is walking around after breaking his spine. Adrian want’s to put the healing abilities to the test, which Chris doesn’t like. Adrian loses an eye.




Episode 2


Deapool 2 inspired Broken Spine Effect

Adrian is hosting the how-to-fly effect…but he maybe read the calendar wrong.




Episode 1


Scarlet Witch Telekinesis Effect

Adrian is tempted by a cookie, Chris bails early. Things go as one might expect.




Pilot 2


Cable’s Energy Shield Effect

Chris gets knocked out really quickly by this pretty awesome futuristic dude with a cool shield.






Infinity Stone Effect

Chris finds a cool gauntlet, and is pretty happy about it.


Throw a Moon like Thanos in After Effects!

This was one of the most spectacular scenes in Avengers: Infinity War.

On paper, the idea of throwing a moon at someone sounds too over-the-top to attempt outside of an anime show, but somehow the film pulls it off beautifully. We decided we wanted to attempt the same effect! Check it out below.

Learn to throw a moon like Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War in our latest AE Tutorial!

All download links to the Visual Effects used are below!

Giant Meteor Effect

Thanos Portal Effect

Aerial Explosion Effects

Ground Plough Debris Effects

Large Debris Effects

New Debris and Water Blast FX

Using a mortar and compressed air we were able to shoot a variety of debris and water up into the sky!

We had a 12×20 green backdrop for the dust elements to key and keep the shadow. For the water burst elements we backlit the bursts and used a 20×20 black backdrop to pull the key.

These were all shot at 4K resolution, slowed from 120fps to 29.97fps


Find the Dust/Debris Blast VFX Here

Find the Water Blast Effects Here



HD Mountain Set Extensions

Download HD Mountain Set Extensions for your Matte-Painting scenes here!

It’s time to take Middle Earth to your front lawn with our epic mountain asset collection! Matte-painting with these HD set extensions makes the process of large-scale terraforming as simple as a click! Just take a look at this before and after using the mountains from our library:

I’m sure we’ve all been jealous of directors such as Peter Jackson or Christopher Nolan who travel to the most stunning locations around the world to shoot their next blockbusters. But thankfully, you can bring these landscape setpieces to your next project without any hassle! We have made sure to blend certain edges such as the foreground, meaning that your footage will blend into these lord-of-the-rings worthy landscapes easily! All you will need to do is to colour correct the image until it fits your scene.

All of the assets in our mountain collection have been created with creators in mind, making sure that the quality is great enough for you to scale, rotate and colour correct these assets to perfectly fit your scene without any loss in photorealism. With all of the backgrounds and foregrounds pre-keyed, you will be free from the exhausting process of doing it yourself, giving you the extra needed time to spend on your projects.

We have a huge variety of terrain to choose from, ranging from rocky mountains to tropical white-cliffed forests, you will be in no short supply of inspiration and content, so feel free to start browsing through our assets now!

Mountains Rising Up

HD Planet Textures for your Space Scenes

Download your HD realistic planet textures here!

Planets are the unchallenged champions of establishing shots, with the power to transport a viewer to the other side of the universe in an instant. This is why some of the most iconic imagery in cinema history has featured these planetary spacescapes. Think of almost every opening scene in Star Wars, or the first minute of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wall-E does a great job of using planets for storytelling too, as viewers can see how our entire planet has become polluted into a brown-muddy looking ball in future history.

We’ve taken the step to create these ultra HD planet texture maps to help you build your own space-scenes. Knowing that the universe has too many planets to count, we’ve made sure to feature many variations such as deserts, volcanic and ice planets.

How do you create the planets? Well, these textures can be applied to spherical surfaces either in 3D modelling programs such as 3ds Max, Cinema4d or Blender. If you’re wanting to keep it simple with Adobe After Effects, you can use the CC Sphere effect (in the Perspective category) to make the planet even quicker! Game creators can apply these textures in Unity to help make their sci-fi game even more stunning!

We have gone ahead and built out additional maps for even more control, such as height maps and illumination maps for the volcanic planets, so 3D artists can take their renders even further by giving true detail to their terrain.

Martian Planet VFX

Creating using our planet texture maps!

Free Aspect-Ratio Plugin (Premiere & After Effects)


Finally, one-click aspect-ratio bars for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Download Windows Version Here or Download Mac Version Here

AutoCinemabar is the free alternative to using aspect ratio templates to give your video the cinematic edge you need!

Stumbling through hundreds of different pre-made templates has always been the least exciting part of an editors workflow. So we’ve decided to give everyone an early birthday gift, our free plugin!

The plugin gives you the power to create the essential aspect ratios that your video needs. It takes your videos width and height into account, meaning that the aspect ratios you create will be mathematically perfect for any resolution, whether that is 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K and beyond!

We have considered the most popular aspect ratios used in the industry and added them onto a quickly accessible preset list! This includes 2.35:1, 2.39:1, 1.9:1, 1.85:1 and more! We have even set the default value to the cinema standard of 2.35:1, meaning you will have your aspect ratio built out in an instant! Leaving you with more time to build out your projects creative side.

If you’re hungry for extra features, this plugin gives you the power to:

  • Set custom aspect ratios ranging from 1-3000!
  • Adapt to any resolution
  • Choose from preset templates including such as 2.35:1
  • Grow or shrink the letterbox with the “constrain” tool
  • Set colors for your aspect ratio
  • Use a horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Toggle transparency in different areas
  • Speed up your workflow, and master the art of making your video look cinematic – fast!

Using the plugin is the easiest part of the process. Simply select your video, go to the “ProductionCrate” category in your effects list, and choose “Auto Cinemabar”. Your video will have an aspect ratio within the blink of an eye! If you have multiple clips that you need to apply the aspect-ratio to, then you can apply our plugin to a black solid layered above the entire composition, and check the “transparent image” button. This will make the black layer transparent in the centre, allowing you to see your wonderful video beneath!

Free Aspect Ratio Video Template

Venom Effects

Find all the Venom VFX used Here

These effects were created in 3DS Max with Splines


Puppet Pin Null Generator – Script

Use this Free Script to generate Nulls where your puppet pin points are.

This script will give you the control of your puppet pin points you have been missing out on. Just install it in your After Effects – Scripts folder and launch!

Download the Puppet Pin Null Generator Script Here

See all our Scripts & Plugins Here!

Just select the layer with your puppet pin points, launch the script, and hit Generate Parent Nulls.

The Label via Mesh or Layer will take the color from your selection.

New Modern HUD Assets!

Pro Users Only

We have new HUD Visual Effects for you to download

20 New 4K HUD elements, animated and ready to download on 

For Pro Users who use After Effects, we are also supplying the Modern HUD Elements AE Project File so you can have more control of your VFX!


Infinity War Portal (Thanos)

Check out our latest addition to the #SaturdayMorningTutorials where we teach you to composite the Thanos Portal effect!

Find these assets Here:

All sound FX from