Hand Drawn Anime Fire Effects

We’ve been getting into some classic Hand Drawn Effects recently! Adobe Animate is a powerful tool, and also happens to be a lot of fun. We’re taking our doodling skills from high-school (maybe the only thing we’ve remembered from those times) and using them to create awesome transitions, fire effects, lighting and more.

4K Toon and Anime Fire VFX

Here’s a timelapse of one of our Fire Animations you can download from FootageCrate. These take a lot of time to perfect, but they’re well worth it!

If you’re curious about Adobe Animate, we’ve made a thorough introductory video on how to use it. We made sure to cover all the information we found useful, so don’t be intimidated by it! There’s a lot to cover, but the software itself is very user-friendly.

Michael Shanks – 36 Weeks of Unpaid VFX Work

Michael Shanks, creator of Timtimfed, has been one of my favorite filmmakers for years. His webseries Wizards of Aus and his short films Rebooted and Time Trap are incredible and inspiring for any indie filmmaker. Check out our interview with him and hear what it takes to make it happen!

Ground Atmosphere Effects

We have 8 new 4K atmosphere effects available for our Pro Users!

These atmosphere effects are CG, enabling us to create atmosphere effects that would be difficult, or even impossible, in real life. The ability to have the atmosphere generate from the ground plane makes them perfect for compositing as mist, smoke or snow. See a few ways you can use these below.