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20/11/2019 12:30 am  

Mov file not working in after effects. I went to download QuickTime but it didn't help because I need to have QuickTime pro to save and change file from mov but I can't because apple doesn't support the application any more and now I cant buy it. What do I do, please help me. Is there and alternate app like QuickTime?

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23/11/2019 10:23 am  

Hello, AE should have the PNG codec built in, so the MOV files should work fine if you drop them directly into the AE timeline (there shouldn't be any need to convert those with QuickTime). Give that a try and if you are still having any issue you can update your preferred download format to "ProRes 4444 XQ" from this URL (while logged in):

That format has native apple support.

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