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Realistic ground burst in Blender?  


New Member
Joined: 2 years  ago
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18/12/2018 9:43 am  

Hi Craters,

I am trying to create a realistic looking ground burst/explosion in Blender, to then render as an OpenEXR so I can extract the depth pass for compositing in After Effects. The problem is I don't really know where to start. I've done basic Blender animations in the past, but nothing for realistic compositing. If anyone could supply helpful tips, videos or breakdowns that would be awesome! 

Thanks 🙂 

David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
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18/12/2018 10:06 am  

I'm not an experienced blender user, but here's roughly what you need to do:

  • Create two flat cuboids, with one directly on top of the other
  • Use a fracture script/modifier to break up the top cuboid, and set all of these fractures as an active rigid body
  • Set the lower cuboid as a passive/static rigid body
  • You can then use an explosion force underneath the fractures to simulate the rocks all being blasted into the air beautifully!

Just make sure the materials and lighting are set up nicely and you're good to go!

Fred The Fantastical
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28/02/2019 4:25 pm  

you may also be able to use the cell fracture and quick explode.