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Cannot import MOV VFX files in Davinci Resolve 15  


New Member
Joined: 3 weeks  ago
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05/01/2019 7:27 pm  

How do you add those VFX (mov files) to Davinci ... it's not working

New Member
Joined: 2 weeks  ago
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07/01/2019 5:58 am  

What I had to do was first open the MOV with QuickTime, ( that converted the codec from PNG to ProRes 4444 ). I then saved that and then could import into Davinci Resolve 15. 

The end result looked great to me, however ProRes 4444 is not a lossless codec, so if you are using this for a Feature Film instead of something online you may want to export the individual PNG frames and import those directly / sequentially.