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How do I use RenderCrate models in Blender?  


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14/06/2019 2:27 am  

I downloaded some models from the RenderCrate website and I was wondering the best way to use them in Blender. I'm a relative newbie at Blender and I'm not sure how to get the materials to look right. I guess my first question would be which engine should I use, Blender or Cycles? Also, how can I edit the material to look right? I tried importing the tentacle asset and it looked really dark for some reason and also as if the glossiness map wasn't working. I don't know if I have to mess with the nodes and if so, what I have to mess with. I know that the assets are using that .mtl file and I'm also not sure if I have to do anything special to get that working properly in Blender.

Thank you so much if any of you people who understand Blender can help with any of this. Again, I am pretty much a beginner.

- PhineasFilms

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24/06/2019 6:33 am  

Use cycles, try watching Blender Guru;s beginner series

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David Blaker
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24/06/2019 10:22 am  

I definitely recommend watching the tutorial Mistery1307 linked!

The materials usually have to be tweaked manually since all of the rendering software on the market handle materials in their own unique ways. Each model on RenderCrate comes with a texture folder, which contains all of the essential sources that you simply drop into your program (such as Blender!). From there you can make some adjustments to give it the look you want, such as if you want the tentacle to be shiny or dry.

Best of luck!  😀 

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