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PC Chrome Extension  


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12/06/2020 1:21 pm  

I wanted to start a topic here as I did not see a dedicated spot to inform of errors.
Quite often the extension will not sort the downloaded files, manually transferring them allows the extension to download duplicates which while not the end of the world is a bit annoying. Same goes with moving your library or trying to find any way to get the folder off of the default download drive as anyone with a vfx asset library will tell you it takes up quite a bit of room and usually has a dedicated drive or raid array just to keep their vfx safe. 

Secondly while downloading today the effect footagecrate-4k-stormclouds-overlay-5a decided to park itself in the magic powers folder instead of Natural Elements.

Absolutely enjoy the extension, personally I think it's a 3 star extension. It does what it's supposed to do and does it quite well. The biggest issue is not being able to set the target directory as well as no option to move/scan an existing directory in case you say change your default download location in chrome, build a new computer, change drives, or vfx gods forbid loose your library to a catastrophic event.