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PoV Overlays?  


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19/03/2020 10:38 pm  

Hello wonderful designers!

I am working on an action heavy film right now that is shot from a First Person perspective, and there is a part where the viewer takes a stimulant that causes them to rage out of control. It made me wish for some sort of screen element like you might see in a video game. Like veins creeping around from the outside edges or a pulsing effect. 

More over, it made me think that PoV effects like that in general might be a fun addition some day, though I understand that they might be a bit niche. 

Al the same. Any effect suggestions in the mean time?

Rykka~ ♥

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10/04/2020 7:21 am  

Use a red vignette effect on a grade layer and add some of the vein clusters from the Venom pack colored a redish orange.

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