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???? why  


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07/06/2020 1:28 am  

Hi I signed ip a free account and a download 5 assets yesterday but today it still says I don't have any more downloads.

It is a bit confusing because I thought you could download 5 assets a day so how come it say I don't have any more downloads when I didn't down load any today?  

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12/06/2020 8:48 pm  

What's your timezone? If I remember right it's set to the server time for production crate and has nothing to do with local time. You might fall in that area where the server just hits the end or beginning of its cycle meaning 24 hours will have to pass before you can do the next download batch. I have ran into that when doing downloads late at night or early morning.

Um..... according to your posts time stamp you posted this next month? Are you from the future or is my computer broken again?

*EDIT* Just realized production crate does their time day/month/year where as my location follows the month/day/year configuration.

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