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ufo footage can this be done  


New Member
Joined: 2 years  ago
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08/02/2019 8:49 pm  


for the ufo footage the pro sets can the footage be moved across the screen

i am not sure how to do this in hitfilm pro , most of the time with something moving but anything that is not moving i can do

can the ufo footage be moved a cross the screen or in 3d cam movement forward , i could be doing something wrong 

any ideas

thank you for your time


David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
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09/02/2019 9:36 am  


The UFO VFX assets can have their position animated over time, which will give you the movement that you need  😀 

For example, at 1 second in you can have the position of the spaceship keyframed out of frame, and then 3 seconds later set a position keyframe in the centre of the frame, like this:

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