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[SOLVED] Adding Glitch Transitions - Vegas Pro  


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03/12/2019 6:11 am  

Hello Group--

First post. New to Footage Crate as well.

I'm trying to add a glitch transition (technicalglitchtransition2) to my project and I've watched the instructional video about configuring the fx, but my issue is actually loading the glitch clips.

When I unzipped the download of the fx, it created a folder of 52 frames. How do I load the fx into my VP project? I've tried just one frame, and I've tried 29 frames in sequence. The one frame doesn't give me the effect I want, and 29 frames is unwieldy to work with.

I figure this is a real easy one for you--but first time here.

Thanks in advance

(Vegas Pro 13 64-bit, on a PC)


I'm just going to go with the .mov file format option.

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David Blaker
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06/12/2019 11:32 am  

Looks like you've got it! Our .mov option is our recommended choice for download format, while PNG frames will benefit people who want a low file size and are using software that is compatible with image sequences.