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Problems Using Light Exposure Type Kit  


New Member
Joined: 7 months  ago
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25/02/2020 2:24 pm  


I'm having trouble with the Light Exposure Typekit.  

I've successfully downloaded the animated letters and brought them into my after effects project,

I've successfully installed an launched the script from within After Effects.

However, the problem occurs when I try to generate any text from the TypeCrate Script window.  

When I enter the words I'd like to generate, and keep all settings default, all I get are empty comps with empty nulls.   Can any one please help me make this work properly?  Thanks!



David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
Joined: 2 years  ago
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29/02/2020 9:33 pm  


Let's get this fixed. Here's just a few standard questions that we ask people having issues with the scripts:

  • What version of AE are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Have you checked "Allow scripts to Write to Network and Files" in the AE options?
  • What language is your AE in? (Strange question, but sometimes other languages cause bugs to emerge)


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Joined: 7 months  ago
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02/03/2020 2:57 pm  


I'm having a similar issue with the Typecrate script. Doesn't matter which Typekit I'm using when I generate I just get one letter and the empty nulls. My system is as follows:

  • AE Version: 17.0.4
  • OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.3
  • "Allow scripts to Write to Network and Files" is checked
  • AE language: English (International)

Have tried removing and re-installing the script to no avail 🙁

Many Thanks!