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Trying to use mograph lines.  


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27/08/2019 7:53 pm  

Have a question about using the mograph lines. I'm trying to transition in AE with 2 images using mograph move or the png sequence. I can't get it to track matte properly and am confused. Do I need to convert the color footage to black and white and than bring it into AE? Thank you for any help stuck on this situation right now. 

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David Blaker
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28/08/2019 1:07 pm  


(For anyone who wants to see what assets we're talking about, here's the link! )

These motion-graphic lines effects can be used in several different ways, it all depends how you want it to look in the end 😀 The different shades of color are used to help give you the power to change the colors of the individual lines, which can come in handy if you're using them to match your logo or something.

However since you're using them in a transition, you could use a Track Luma Matte (instead of the alpha matte) to create a cool effect. Here's the setup I used in this example:

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Layer one is the mograph line effect

Layer two is the second image you want to transition to, with a luma matte enabled

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Layer three is the same image, but with a mask which follows the mograph line so it stays after the effect is over

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Layer four is our first image


Putting this all together should give you this!

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Hopefully that helps  😀 

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