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"New!" listing?  


Active Member
Joined: 2 months  ago
Posts: 5
09/05/2019 2:22 am  

It is entirely possible this already exists on the site and I am not finding it, but is there a page or link or anything that just lists like the new Music (or even other categories) listings for the last batch of updates? Or last month? Or whatever timeline is appropriate? 

It would be a huge boon to have instead of having to click every category and see if there is something new you do not remember seeing before.

Rykka ♥

David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
Joined: 8 months  ago
Posts: 145
09/05/2019 8:13 am  

You're in luck!

Type in "New" in the search bar on the top right, and it'll display the 100 most recent items. You can switch to SoundsCrate/FootageCrate/GraphicsCrate just by clicking the different headers  😀