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Is anyone else a stubborn troglodyte?  


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Joined: 1 year  ago
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29/03/2019 5:08 am  

I find that I often try to create effects in premiere at all costs over involving after effects or any other program and I've gotten pretty good at making all sorts of them even with those simple tools. So I was humorously curious if any other editors here also stubbornly try to stick to as few programs as possible, sometimes at the expense of ease or sanity? 


David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
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29/03/2019 2:10 pm  

I'm always stubborn when it comes to migrating to the latest version of a program 😭 I don't want to install everything again, even if it only takes a few minutes!

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13/04/2019 12:56 pm  

Yeah, that sounds about right.  It's nice to not have to use multiple programs and then add it all together! 
But I still do that sometimes.  That's the good thing about Hit Film 4 Express, it has compositing like Ae and editing like Pr.  However, Pr and Ae I have figured out are more powerful, they don't seem as limited as the free Hit Film, which makes sense, because Hit Film 4 Express is free. 

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22/07/2019 2:45 am  

@funnyfisher7 HitFilm is on ver. 12 now, soon to be 13! Also, HitFilm Pro? That exists? Basically just both After Effects and Premiere no restrictions...

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