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3D camera tracking  



I'm trying to make a slow motion scene, and in one of the shots, the camera does a 360. I place some black X's with tape for tracking, but the camera still won't track that one scene. What is an alternative for the 3d camera tracker?

If you can post the footage maybe we can figure out the best way to track it! 😀 

This is the new footage I am using. I tried using auto detect and typical, but neither worked. I can try tracking by putting 3d solids in place as hand trackers and parent objects, but I would much rather find a way around this with you. 

I'm glad the footage was actually pretty stable! Is this close to what you're looking for? 

In case that it is, I simply tracked the footage and made sure the layers I created (the text) were placed quite far away! (Same distance as the tracking point on the walls, roughly 18,000 in Z space)

That's exactly what I was looking for! Did you do edit settings with the camera tracker? When I did it, it said analysis failed. I'll try it again, but thanks! I just tried it, the first 2 attempts, it failed but I just tried a warp stablilizer and when I put it on no motion instead of smooth, it didn't alter the footage too much, but it finally tracked. Thanks for the help!

Glad to hear you've got it working! Maybe there was some sort of glitch, the footage itself was pretty perfect for tracking purposes! I'm excited to see the final effect  😀 



This isn't the one with the X's. It's supposed to be a ton of 3D objects I made like bullets, knives, etc(don't want to spoil too much). I think I'm gonna film this again but from farther away, but 3D tracking failure is still an issue I have sometimes. Here is the footage; I trimmed it a little because the full 360 didn't upload.   Any help with it would be extremely appreciated because you know how painful hand tracking can be. 

Not sure what happened but the video won't load for me 😦 Maybe upload it to YouTube unlisted?

Don't you worry! We're going to do everything we can to make this 3D track work!