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A challenge for the ProductionCrate team  


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    Without a doubt After Effects is the dominate motion graphics/special effects application, but obviously not the only one. I challenge your team to produce tutorials for Apple Motion, Blackmagic Fusion, Blender, Boris RED, HitFilm and Natron. Are you up to the task?


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    Well, they have tutorials on HitFilm, (I'm a HitFilm user, it'll come back later.)

    But sorry to break it to you, most of the programs listed there cost money, and I doubt ProductionCrate would be willing to buy most of those if they are comfortable with their workflow. However with a little bit of experience in any of those programs, you can transfer those tutorials over to your software of choice. Like me with their AE disintegration tutorial in HitFilm!(told you it'd come back...)

    Or the cinema4D to Blender or any other 3D program.

    (Would you like to speak to a real human?)

    Natron is free. Blender is free. A version of Fusion is included in the free version of daVinci Resolve.Motion is under $50. Wouldn't think that any of these would strain the Production Crate budget. Transferring After Effects tutorials to other software is always an option, but that is not the point of, or solution to, my challenge.

    And thanks for the pointer to the HitFilm tuts...

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    Mistery1307 made an excellent point on transferring the skills between software since most editing programs have the same functionality 😀 Google will always be your #1 assistant in these cases. 

    Since our main focus is creating epic content for you to build the most fantastic projects, we can only devote a certain amount of time towards teaching, and we want to maximise the number of users that can find our tutorials accessible 😀 And since After Effects is used by most of the community, we tend to stick with that. There are still plenty of other great YouTube videos that cover how to use the other programs, and we'll happily help you look for the right ones!