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Are there any motion tracking experts here?  



Hey everyone, I have been editing my short film Dream Catcher for a while and I'm looking for help. I have a shot where I need to screen replace a TV. There are plenty of tracking markers, but I can't seem to get a good track. Does anyone want to take a shot at it?


Send it over! I'll see if I can give it a shot when I get the chance!

Dropbox, Youtube, Google drive or anything like that will work  👍 

Thank you! Here's the Google Drive Link:

I should be able to have an attempt within a few days if you're patient enough! 😀 

Absolutely, Thank you!

Do I need to attach the file that needs to be tracked to the screen?


Don't worry about that, should be able to send over just the tracking data

Since the actual screen itself is being obscured and gets moved out of the actual camera shot a few times, it'll be tricky to create a decent track. Would you be happy with trimming it down? That will also save you any rotoscoping troubles once you get to that stage 😀 Either that or reshoot the footage, which would probably take less than half time to do the tracking/roto!

Unfortunately, the shot is a piece of a oner and I don't have any extra coverage to cut in between it. Reshooting is unlikely too since the actor is working on another project and has changed his hair.