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Black Adam Charge up  


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    I've completed myself in maya, and built some environments, but this effect could be used pretty much anywhere for live action or animation. I want to try and do a charge up of lightning with that amount of lightning you see in the video. I know that you did a video on this in the past, but this affect has a ton more lightning and variation to it. How might you go about doing this? I'm not entirely sure how to create a lightning asset on my own that looks 3d, which would mean maya or blender lightning. Would you recommend using multiple particle systems with different types of lightning that flashes on and off, using the body as a centerpiece and having tons of lightning revolve around it in blender or maya, just take a few hours to place a ton of lightning for a lot of frames, or do you have some other method you might want to try? I could probably use the tactics you explain for the beam at the end. 

     (watch from 4:27 - 4:50)

    That was long so heres a summary of what I'm asking: I want a 3d lightning charge up with a ton of lightning, and maybe some help with the lightning beam.