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Can't Download  


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    I have a problem in downloading. I can't download any free effects.


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    Try switching format, if that doesn't work, try a new account?

    (Would you like to speak to a real human?)

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    There could be a few reasons for this, I'll list all the possible reasons why this could be happening:

     - Make sure you have a ProductionCrate account (Free or Pro! Even registering with your Google account will work).

     - Ensure that you have signed in (which can be seen if the top right of the page displays your username)

     - Make sure the effect you are downloading doesn't have a star next to it (these are the Pro-user files, anything without a star is free)

     - Have you reached your maximum download limit? Free users can download 5 assets per day

    Hopefully, that helps! Let us know if it still doesn't work!



    This post was modified 12 months  ago by David Blaker

    I mean, if he's on the forums, he has an account, right?

    Hmm... Okay, you win this time!