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Can't get FX to work in Vegas Pro.  


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    I just now joined at the "free" level and started experimenting, to see if I want to upgrade to a Paid membership level.

    I use Vegas Pro 17.

    My Member Profile page says that if I use Vegas, I should choose PNG Sequence as my format for FX.  And it says, "Simply unzip and drop the image sequence folder into your timeline. If you use DaVinci, Fusion, or Vegas, this option is for you!"

    HOWEVER... I download and unzip an FX (for example, footagecrate-dust-wall-hit-angle-1 and footagecrate-ink-splat-6), but I cannot drop the extracted image sequence folder into my Vegas timeline. Vegas gives me the "not allowed" icon (circle with a slash through it). I also tried dropping the zip file itself into the Vegas timeline, but of course that doesn't work, either.

    Pretty disappointing experience, so far!

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    Hello, to import an image sequence into Sony Vegas you must first Unzip the file, then go to "File" -> "Import" -> "Media" and navigate to the folder.

    Click on "frame_001.png" from the popup window. Also please be sure that the "Open Sequence"option is enabled.

    Click "Open" on the bottom of the window and then "Ok", and now your VFX image sequence has be imported into Vegas!

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    When using this method be sure to be aware of your fps as img sequence in vegas can drastically change the "feel" of vfx. It's honestly easier to import the video file as a .mov png and in the video clip enable alpha video for the transparent settings. Png sequence honestly adds to many steps and can clutter your timeline/storyboard/resource folder. At least that's from my perspective