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Downloaded .MOV files become corrupted  


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    First, let me explain that I'm a very big noob.  Probably an easy fix.  Every time I download a clip  on .MOV format (270 MBS) it comes out choppy on VLC or doesn't even play at all using other applications.

    However when I download the MP4 format (12 MBS) the video plays with a green screen just fine using VLC, Windows Video, or etc.  Then I would paste the video onto After Effects and Keylight the green screen off and yada, yada.  But I noticed that the quality is not as great as the .MOV file.  

    Anybody know how to overcome this issue? 

    Thank you!

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    The MOV files are all HD and Lossless and are usually too much for most previewers to play correctly. You can simply drag and drop the MOV file into your editor timeline and it should look correct.

    There are some editors (DaVinci and Fusion) that can't import the MOV files, for those editors you can instead download the files as "ZIP - PNG Sequence", then unzip and drop those into the timeline instead.

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