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I signed up for pro and payment went thru.  I was able to download a few and now when i try to download it takes me to a PayPal page wanting me to pay 10 more dollars.  What’s up?


I'm not aware of any restrictions on Pro Subscriptions




There is a 50 asset download limit for Pro members per day, but that's usually far more than what any user will be needing  😀 For the $10 extra, that'll bump it up to 200 downloads a day! 

Let me know if there's anything you need  👍 

That's exactly why I haven't did yet- The conditions are nowhere to be found! I'd love to see them so I can decide. TL:DR: Don't upload and resell, and use them however. @savetherobotsfilms


I want to download a youtube Rubix cube and it doesn't have a star but when I want to download it then it says I need to be a pro, what up. tintint2


Have you made sure you've logged in and haven't hit your 5 downloads daily limit? That's usually the cause here  😀