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Edgy Effects don't work well in Hitfilm (greenscreen issues)  




I use Hitfilm Express and some green screen vfx, like Edgy Effects don't work as expected in Hitfilm.

Most of the time the green screen effect in Hitfilm works with the vfx from here but sometimes, when I apply the green screen effect in Hitfilm the result is not like as expected. It looks not colorful enough and some parts are missing. For example Lense flares = no problem at all.

I ususally do:

1. insert the vfx in Hitfilm

2. apply Greenscreen Effect on vfx

3. Right click on vfx>Blend>Add

Does anyone have a tip on that? So that I can use Edgy Effects!

Thank you in advance



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It seems you have stumbled upon one of the unfortunate weaknesses of the greenscreen .mp4 format. Since the edgy-effects are partially transparent, they blend with the green background, and so once you key out the green it removes a bunch of the effect that we want to keep (not good!).

I recommend you download either the .MOV files, or the PNG sequences, both of these are completely packed with all the data that Hitfilm needs to use the effects perfectly. Best of luck!

Thanks it actually worked. But before that I had to install Quicktime because .mov was not possible to beeing read.