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    Quick question: Are your explosion assets shot in real life on a smaller scale, in C4D, or particular? I want to try and gain better control over my explosions. If it is trapcode particular, I might need to get that.

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    Explosions are the confectionary of VFX!

    Most of the explosion assets on FootageCrate are built in 3DS Max, while a few of the spark explosions were crafted with Particular. 😀 You can also get started on your own explosions Blender, which was also behind a few of the earlier effects (and it's free... Woohoo!)

    Blender is what I make everything 3d in, and usually import it to element 3d. I think it is a must to buy particular for me now. You will see some of them in my "entry" which I have some questions which I will message you. For some reason, the explosions in blender act weirdly as in the density seems to mess up constantly, and when I get one I like, the domain solidifies into a visible object or the explosion looks like dust. I'll just keep looking at tutorials.

    Blender usually requires a little more work when setting up the explosions. I'm assuming you're using Cycles to render these out (since they almost always turn to a solid domain when you don't want them to). Here's the basic setup to get it started:

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    Good luck!

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    Thanks! Ill try that, but when i did it, the domain was what contained the explosion, not emitted it

    Here, I took one photo from the simulation and one in render. I am using cycles. The first is the rendered and the second is the simulation. I applied the shader you sent me, but it really doesnt make a difference, since I can make fire textures in blender

    Screenshot (64)
    Screenshot (63)

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    Here's something to double check:

    • Make sure the line connecting to the "Material Output" is connected to Volume instead of Surface
    • Make sure the Smoke Domain object does have the material we've made

    Looking awesome so far though judging by the simulation  😀 


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    Here we go.

    Screenshot (66)

    Beautiful!  😀