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Flaming Sword  


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    I have this animation I made of a resident evil character using a flaming sword from how to train your dragon. I attached a particle system that works perfectly, but the fire attached for some reason is way to thick, and after altering almost every setting, it's still huge. I have a wireframe video simulation and a rendered picture. 

    Screenshot (2)

    . The wireframe video is here: 

    Basically, the fire is tracked onto particles emitting from the blade, but the fire is supposed to be on the blade, not covering his entire body. 

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    So have you gotten it to work yet?  😀 


    I'd also love an update!

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    Woah, that is thick!

    Once again I'm no expert with Blender, but here are some guesses  😀 

    Firstly, increase the resolution! Even if it makes your computer run slower, it'll make a huuuuge difference.

    And secondly, see if there's a "Particle radius" that you can turn down? What might be happening is the particle radius itself is so large that it's creating this giant flaming balloon, so maybe if the particle is the size of the sword, the flames will be too? 

    Good luck!

    Turning up the resolution made a huge difference. I had to boost it from 32 to 156, which absolutely murdered my computer all the way down to 0.082 frames per second.

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    I'm sure the final outcome will be worth the wait! Good luck with the project  😀