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[Solved] How do i edit in a call to action effect to my youtube video?  


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    I downloaded the call to action effect for my youtube videos, but when i tried to edit it into my video, it had the green screen behind it. I don't want the green screen behind it, i just want the effect to appear in the corner of my video. Does anyone know how to do that?

    ShotCut DOES support transparent backgrounds, so you should be fine, though it may look weird in the import window,but that's only because it crushes the alpha, so if it has a glow it'll look like it's solid, but that all gets fixed once you put it in the timeline.

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    Go to and in the "HD VFX formats", select ".MOV". This will give you built-in transparency, but a few editors don't support this, in which case I'd need to know which editor you are using so I can help further.

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