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[Solved] How do I use your stock with windows?  



I have a windows computer, and therefore have had trouble with your pre-keyed stock footage as it is in MOV format. I know there are greenscreen versions that I can key myself, but I've found that the final products often look better when I don't try to do the keying myself, which raises the question: How do I use your MOV files on windows (I use Hitfilm, which keeps telling me to download quicktime player, and I did, but it still doesn't work). Suggestions?

Has it worked for you yet? @vittoriostudios 
I just wanted to check. 🙂


Install QuickTime for Windows off the Apple website, that should let MOV files be played correctly.

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Here's the download link for people in a rush:


Yup, VLC player should also do the trick!