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How to use unzipped MOV files and blend them with live action footage.  


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    Hi.I am new PRO member and forgive my ignorance.I am used to editing footage using the imovie app on my iphone 6 and even learned how to use green screen footage with live action footage on that.However,i realise that all assets here are not suited to editing on that app so i have downloaded VSDC and am learning the basics.I tried using the green screen footage provided by Footagecrate but found it difficult removing the green screen so have started using pre keyed MOV files from you guys instead.However,i have no idea how to integrate this with my live action footage using VSDC and find an explanation anywhere ( they only seem to advise how to use green screen footage ).Any ideas? Any help would this would be very much appreciated.

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    Sorry for the wait, I had to teach myself this software since editing with VSDC is totally new to me!

    So the basic principle is that we need two video layers, one being the background and the other being the overlaying footage (our .MOV effect)

    To add the second layer, right-click on the timeline and hit "Add Layer". You'll notice on the timeline a new horizontal row called "Layer Two" has appeared.

    You can then drag the background footage into layer one, and the .MOV effect into layer 2! This will overlay the effect, just the way we need it to  😀 

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    Appreciate the response.I got as far as right clicking on the timeline and layer 2 appeared.However,when i try to leave the background footage in layer 1 and the MOV effect in layer 2,the overall image is still not overlayed.In this case i use a video of a helicopter but the black background remains,but i cannot see my live action background footage.

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    VSDC layers are viewed from the top down; you want the background in the lowest layer and the foreground in the top layer.

    If you're using footage with a green background, you use the background remover under "video effects -> transparency".

    For footage with a black or white background, you need to change the composition mode (to the left side of the layer description) from "blend" to "plus" or "minus," depending on how light or dark the added footage is.