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Large Shockwave/Pulse  


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    In a lot of action movies, there are large shockwaves when two large forces collide. This is present when aquaman clashes with the enemy in the first underwater fight. It also happens in Pacific rim uprising

    at 3:40. This effect is a cool one I have tried to replicate in the past, but failed to do. I'm back on that topic now, and I'm just asking because the more I know, the more I can use tricks on other effects. 

    What I think of how to do it: I was thinking of putting a bulge on an adjustment layer, and setting a difference matte on a top footage layer to get a cool glow ring. I also thought of just animating a growing ring using element or blender depending on the shape. I also thought of a fractal noise with a slight optics compensation and having the height stretched, and putting a polar coordinates to make it a circle shockwave. That would serve as the middle glow/trail. You've probably seen these effects before, and from the Pacific rim video, am I correct or is there a better way you would go about this? 

    - Tyler

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    I like to say that there is no right way in doing something... If it works, it works! So it's fair to say all of your methods have a good chance of making a good result  😀 

    In my own attempt for the shockwave, I used a multi-stacked Circle effect, each with their own inward radial blur to give a fading energy look. Then some turbulent displacement gave it that electric style we're looking for (as well as a bundle of glows)!

    [img] [/img]

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    Thanks! That is the exact effect I am looking for. So basically, just a solid(or fractal noise), radial blurs facing the right direction, and polar coordinates?

    Pretty much! I avoided the polar coordinates but that'll probably work too  😀 

    Here's a quick run-through for those in a hurry, you can animate the circles radius for when the shockwave spreads out: 


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    I tested it out with a displacement map on the background of the ring. Also, I added a fractal noise + polar coordinates on the inside that you can see. I think this came out with a pretty good result! Quality Davesplanation! Pardon the smoke effect, I don"t have particular so it was a particle world. 

    Awesome stuff! Love the displacement! Feel bad for whoever is in the ship  😪 

    Dont worry, its the third in line ship I made, so lets just say it was "misfunctional"