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So in something I'm making, a 3d rigged guy fires my 3d railgun at a ship in the distance. I have the ship exploding, falling, and a emp like shockwave on impact. For the railgun shot, I used saber and tried to manipulate it with a bulge, corner pin, and start/stop core sizes on the saber itself, but I can't seem to find something I like. If you had to shoot a quick beam/bolt starting from close up into an object in the distance, how might you try to get that effect? I was thinking maybe using a cylinder with a texture, which I've seen in vfx breakdowns, but I have no idea how to make a 3d volumetric blast.


Check out the "Beam" effect in the generate menu! It's old, but it's pretty powerful and accurate when it comes to the depth change you're looking for in the bullet 😀 You can combine this with some of the mist-wisp effects from FootageCrate to create some pretty neat stuff!

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Alright! I'll figure out what the beam affect is and will see what it can do!


Could you send a screenshot of the beam effect control you used, because I'm still getting a better look than before, but the beam still looks off. The wisps did help, and motion blur helps with it, but I'd still like to see what you used.

Sure thing! There isn't really anything I changed about the beam except the position/sizes. You just need to use the beam as the "matte" for your railgun, and have all sorts of glows/trails coming from the matte to make it look interesting 😀 


That makes a lot more sense. The blob I made looked alright as being long a stretched out, but I wasn't sure how you got that trail. Thanks!