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UV unwrapped texture  



One thing that I don't think sells the look of something like one of my spaceships is that I make the textures in element 3d. How might I go about making a UV unwrapped texture that I can just apply and edit? It would make element 3d work so much easier. Thanks!



Do you create the spaceship models in Element3D, or in another software?  😀 

Pretty much every 3D software will allow you to extract the UV map, or even better, paint it in real-time (such as Blender or Substance Painter), so it depends on what software you're happy with using!

Thanks! I use blender, so I will try to find how to extract a map from blender.


Screenshot (53)

I sort of figured it out by screenshotting the uv unwrapped image and using it for refrence.

That looks terrifying!