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UV unwrapping  



Does anyone know anywhere I could get help with unwrapping, because I'm having trouble doing this one unwrap using AE and maya. Heres a picture of the model in maya, the unwrap, and the ae texture. I've tried cc'ing everything to match in ae but theres still a distinct line difference. 

UV3 Map
Screenshot (81)


One thing you can do to help out is by expanding the edges of the textures. For example, we had a similar problem with our RenderCrate fern assets, and so expanding the colour of the texture outside of the border helped hide any of the black background  😀 

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Personally, I'd say to get the cleanest render, painting it manually with skin/lip/hair materials would be best! That way there won't be any pre-baked lighting issues  😀 

Ok, Thanks! Part of the issue is my lighting was off, so different angles have different skin tones. I have no Idea how to pain onto a surface in this way in maya, so I'll take a look