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Water Manipulation  


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    I have something fun that will either be an instant answer or something for us to work on; In man of steel, there is this gravity beam in the middle of the ocean, pushing it outwards. The whole water effect of the layers on the ground, to the hole in the ocean, and the waves. The main question I'm asking for this topic is how might the wave effect be done. Here is the video(

    at (pretty much 1:30 to the end. There are cuts), and here are lots of screenshots to give you the best idea of what im asking about: 

    Screen Shot 2019 02 01 at 4.32.05 PM
    Screen Shot 2019 02 01 at 4.31.44 PM
    Screen Shot 2019 02 01 at 4.30.40 PM

    . What are your thoughts of how the water wave ring might be done?

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    the video isn't loading!


    Do you do any 3d work? A fluid simulation would be good, something like Real Flow or Houdini, or X Particles Fluids are pretty decent.

    Maybe we need to make some big water FX!

    the link for the video is 

    I use blender a lot and have worked on some effects with Dave before. I know that the ocean part is easy, and we can layer the waves on top. What are your thoughts on the circular wave effect, because you guys know way more about that than I do. (Update) the link didn't work again. If you want to watch it, search "Superman destroys world engine" on youtube

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    Usually, big studios with supercomputers will be able to pull off a simulation of this scale, but I think this is one of the cases that we don't need one! If you look at the video there isn't actually too much "fluid" looking motion going on, I'm starting to suspect they just used a gigantic particle system with fluid-looking sprites (similar to our recent explosion tutorial!). Here's something I quickly wrapped up with Trapcode Particular as a proof of concept:

    Obviously you'd need a little bit more work to get the motion going  😀 But I think it'll work!

    That is basically what im looking for. I think it is a must for me to buy particular and start learning it pretty soon. Did you use a fluid sim from this the assets on this website or did you make a new one?

    Awesome! I just distorted a circle until it turned into a dozen smaller "droplets" of water. Particular just duplicated this a hundred thousand or so times  😀 You'll probably be able to do this in Blender if you're already experienced with it!

    Ok, Thanks!