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What was wrong with my submission last month?  


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    Hello, I was wondering about last months contest. I'm not mad that I did not win or anything, but I do have to say that I was a little surprised to not even be featured. I thought my video was well done and pretty creative, too. It also met all of the requirements. I really want to do better this month and make something that people will enjoy. So, for that reason, I would like to ask for some feedback and constructive criticism to help me grow as a VFX hobbyist and film maker! Thanks :)))

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    I loved your entry! Everyone else did too 😀 You should be happy to hear you were actually 3rd place out of everyone!

    Usually, if an entry isn't featured, it's purely because there is not enough time to show every entry (since there was over 30 this month, which was awesome).

    I loved the camerawork in this entry, as well as how the overall editing and sound design is used to make the bread seamlessly jump out of the toaster, so many people miss those details out! The animated face was also a nice touch.

    There's not much I can suggest improving on, which makes me excited to see your entry next month! Good luck  👍 

    Thank you so much for your reply! This made me feel great and is motivating to do well this month! Love you guys!!!!

    What was Second?

    Clothes Popper by Rasmusp!