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Potential Sound Effect Ideas  


New Member
Joined: 1 year  ago
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08/02/2019 11:54 pm  

Could you add some sound effects for nature? Like creek/river flowing, trees rustling, birds chirping, etc? I especially would like a whoosh noise for wind rustling through grass.

David Blaker
Crate Crafter Admin
Joined: 2 years  ago
Posts: 196
09/02/2019 1:55 pm  

I'll pass the suggestion on to Chris!

BlakeK173 liked
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10/06/2020 2:04 pm  


I know the thread is a little old however I was looking for some sound effects related to sports. Things like sneaker squeaks on wood floors, different types of ball sounds like basketball bounce, hoop swish, backboard hits, soccer ball kicks, football helmets/pads colliding, cheering/crowd, announcer, buzzer, and maybe some human elements involving grunts, oofs, and a colliding front line which leads into other group sound effects like medieval melee combat grunts and cry-outs.

As for the announcer a couple of loudspeaker calls such as GOAL, SCORE, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Team, Foul, Start, Finish, Game Over, Ready, 3, 2 , 1. These loudspeaker calls could be done dry or potentially with that loudspeaker echo effect you get from large arenas. 

Anyway thanks everyone at PC, love all the content provided here.