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Infinity War Scene Recreation Teaser.  


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24/10/2019 6:00 pm  

I am very pleased to announce that the last 5 months have been very good to me , so Scene Recreations are back and ready for action.

We now have stars for Nick Fury, Ant-man, we acquired an actual actress to perform Maria Hill + someone for Mysterio, and negotiations have begun for Doctor Strange.

  Also can't forget a friend of mine has been waiting 1 year to play Captain America and Spider man. 😀 

Things are underway for at least 4+ Recreations to be filmed by the end of year, and I am pumped:)

Anyway, Enjoy this Teaser and new Look/Quality for all Recreations to come:

(The text reads proof of concept because this part of a marketing campaign to convince a talented contact of mine to join Post- Production.)






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David Blaker
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26/10/2019 5:35 pm  

He has returned!

I'm really excited to see these have come back, they're some of my favourite things I see on the forums  😀 

Awesome work on the hologram VFX, it was perfect!

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28/10/2019 7:56 am  


Thank you!!!

You have been one of  our biggest supporters since the beginning and all your encouragement + kind words really helped bring them back. 👍 

Thanks. 🙂 

 True story: thanks to our Gotg Trailer Recreation and contacting a bunch of Video Production company's we had the opportunity to film a local Wrestling Championship. (Got to return and do it a second time this past Thursday.)

This is not something i have seen many craters post about, but i think it would be cool to do so, and a real inspiration to other Aspiring Filmmakers/videographers on the forum .

So I'll be uploading that some time later today.

Also, the final preparations are being made and I am moving to L:A to begin my voyage into Hollywood.

Super pumped about it and I'll be making vlogs and Chronicling all the Big moments that happen so everyone can see the journey and what it takes to make it as a Full Fledged Studio Movie Director. (Again, for any Aspiring Filmmakers on the forum that are interested.) I won't be posting any vlogs here except the wrestling one.)

Lastly, a couple of photos to carry on the Hype that SR's are back:


I especially love the first pic as it shows how far we have come from where it all began with Starlord.






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02/11/2019 3:14 pm  


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03/11/2019 7:58 am  

Thanks Arthur:)