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OS Catalina and Quick Time  


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11/10/2019 8:20 am  

I am a beginner in fcpx so please forgive if this question seems maybe stupid.....but I am really in desperate need for support!

Since I upgraded to OS Catalina I can't download vfx clips from this site because Quick Time keeps on telling me that the downloaded file is not compatible with Quick time.

Anybody facing the same issues and has a solution???

Thanks for any support


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11/10/2019 6:00 pm  

Hello, 3rd party apps on Catalina (such as After Effects) will still be able to use the MOV files with PNG codec since they have the parsers/codecs built in, but Apples native apps (iMovie and Final Cut Pro) won't support the PNG codec on Catalina.

Users of those apps on Catalina can still select another compatible download format from this page while logged in:

We recommend selecting "HD Image Sequences" for FCPX users on Catalina. When adding the image sequence into FCPX make sure that all the frames are selected. If you are new to using image sequences in FCPX this is a great video to get started:

We are also currently looking into adding an additional file format for FCPX and iMovie users on Catalina since the HD image sequences and the MP4 files on green screen require a few additional steps to configure.