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Thor's Bifrost Portal  


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06/08/2019 9:25 am  

Holy crap! It's been so long since I've posted a video here! Well, let's start off with a meh with an effect based on Thor's entrance in Infinity War; seen here; 

(skip to 3:22) I recreated it by taking a waterfall asset, added the color cycle effect, and set the colors to random colors around blue. Then I duplicated that, and made all the colors a lot lighter, scooted that back 2-3 frames and set the blend mode to add, the rest is kind of self explanatory(translation: I really don't want to type all that) The effect itself is pretty basic, but it looks good, and I'm pretty proud of that breakdown.

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David Blaker
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07/08/2019 10:32 am  

This is one use of the waterfall effects I was never expecting to see in a million years! Awesome stuff!