#SaturdayMorningTutorials Episode Guide

Episode 16


Levitation Tutorial

Chris reaches the 5th Awakening, but will it be enough to beat Professor Unicorn!?




Episode 15


Disintegration Tutorial

Detective Dippler is on the case, watch your back, Professor Unicorn!




Episode 14


Travel through Space Tutorial!

Adrian travels in the U.S.S SpaceCrate towards home, but it’s going to be a long journey…




Episode 13


Mystique Transformation Effect!

Professor Unicorn has taken over ProductionCrate Headquarters and only the Users stand in his way. How will he get past this obstacle?




Episode 12


Predator Effects!

Adrian finds himself on an alien planet after being cast through a wormhole. But he’s not alone.




Episode 11


Fall through Space and Time!

Professor Unicorn sends Chris and Adrian spinning through a wormhole like Dr. Strange. Where will they end up?




Episode 10


Throw a Moon like Thanos!

Chris and Adrian face their biggest foe ever. Have they finally found the person responsible for all the horrible things that has happened to them (other than themselves)?




Episode 9


Venom Effects

Will we ever figure out who stole all ProductionCrate’s cool stuff? Our Russian arms dealer escapes a terrible fate, but is he just about to succumb to a worse one?




Episode 8


Thanos Portal Effect in After Effects

Chris thinks he knows who stole all their cool stuff, but needs a way to get to his suspect! If only they had something powerful enough…




Episode 7


Harry Potter Apparition VFX

Adrian is banished to the mailroom for his constant shenanigans and learns a valuable lesson about opening other people’s mail.




Episode 6


Transform like Loki!

Chris has a cool new hammer because all his other cool stuff got stolen. Adrian wants to play with it but since he was in charge of security, he isn’t allowed. A new security guard is hired to protect the hammer, Adrian needs to find a way to get by him.





Episode 5


Ghost’s Effect from Ant-Man and the Wasp

A mysterious thief shows up at ProductionCrate HQ while everyone is on taco-break. Who hired her to steal all the cool stuff?!




Episode 4


Become a Giant, with MATH!!

Adrian contacts a Russian arms dealer for some illegal technology to help grow his eye back. There is a misunderstanding. Chris offers Adrian an eye from the random box of bionic eyes that showed up out of nowhere.




Episode 3


Put a Gun through a Hand like Deadpool

Chris is walking around after breaking his spine. Adrian want’s to put the healing abilities to the test, which Chris doesn’t like. Adrian loses an eye.




Episode 2


Deapool 2 inspired Broken Spine Effect

Adrian is hosting the how-to-fly effect…but he maybe read the calendar wrong.




Episode 1


Scarlet Witch Telekinesis Effect

Adrian is tempted by a cookie, Chris bails early. Things go as one might expect.




Pilot 2


Cable’s Energy Shield Effect

Chris gets knocked out really quickly by this pretty awesome futuristic dude with a cool shield.






Infinity Stone Effect

Chris finds a cool gauntlet, and is pretty happy about it.