storm clouds and thunder

5 New Storm Cloud Effects

We have 5 New Storm cloud effects available for download.

These overlay style effects are built with compositing in mind. Instead of containing an alpha channel (transparency) as most of our VFX assets do, these storm clouds come with a black background. Black backgrounds make it easier to adjust color and luminosity channels to fit whatever your scene calls for.

(UPDATE: A user requested some storm-clouds with transparency, so those options are also available!)

stormy vfx

Blending modes such as screen, add or lighten will work best for you. Blending modes are available in most common editing software, including Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, Vegas, Hitfilm and more.

The new storm cloud assets work best with night or overcast scenes. The lumenance channel is the only visible channel, so blue skies will not work with these FX! If you are not getting bright enough results try curves, levels or duplicating your storm cloud layers.


These files are H264, we often avoid this codec for VFX because of the compression. However, for these storm cloud assets the real value is in the greyscale. With a high bitrate no useful information is being lost for these files, and you’ll be able to use them with ease!