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Download Free 3D Models for your Epic Scenes

A few months ago we released the free 3D Castle Pack. Since then, over 10,000 creators have used it in their projects. We knew we’d have to go even bigger for our next free 3D assets kit. So we did.

Download the free 3D Models in the Industrial Kit and gain access to hundreds of amazing assets.

Download Free 3D Models

This pack contains tons of prefabricated builds to save you time and effort. Build your own mega-structures in minutes. Our prefabs are extraordinarily easy to use. Everything is modular. Constructing detailed scenes has never been so fun!

Download free 3d warehouse model

All downloadable 3D models are compatible with Blender, Cinema4D, Maya, Houdini and 3DSMax. The Unreal Engine Kit is reserved for our Pro Users, and is perfect if you’re looking for 3D Assets for Games, however you are free to convert the 3D Models to Unreal yourself.

Choose from 3D platforms, pipes, trusses, power supplies, ladders, buttons and lights. Build out your worlds in your program of choice to make some high-quality free 3D renders!

Download Free 3D Kit Assets

Find and download the best free 3D assets from RenderCrate and tag us in your projects!

Dropbox link below for media and press purposes only. Contact Niko@ProductionCrate.com for Access

Download High Resolution Images and Video of the Industrial Kit

This 3D Rendering Software Isn’t Just Fast… It’s Free

3D artists want to see results fast. We’re getting spoiled in this wonderful age of GPU rendering, and can’t we get enough.

The tools of the trade get better every year, and 2022 is no exception. NVIDIA has been making waves with Omniverse, a creator suite with amazing tools for 3D Artists. Mike has been playing with Omniverse Create, a place to simulate, light and render your 3D assets and scenes. The speeds are truly impressive.

Mike loves to sculpt monsters. This massive Kaiju is one of his most ambitious projects ever (just look at those details). The textures alone are a whopping 75 total UDIM textures, 8K resolution… perfect to put any renderer to the test!

Luckily, things didn’t catch fire. Omniverse Create held up, and then some. See the test and how you can use this free 3D software yourself!

Download Free 3D Spaceship Models

We have 5 new 3D Spaceship models available for download. Get these models for free to use in your projects.

These can be instanced hundreds of times to fill an entire futuristic night sky, or scattered around a newly terraformed planet. To provide more flexibility and creativity, we’re including 2 different skins for each of these 5 ships.


These are part of the popular Vehicles Category on RenderCrate. Find more 3D spaceships, cars, trucks, airplanes and more!


here is where you can download free 3d models of a scifi spaceship


Use various planet textures, Sci-Fi corridors or satellite models from the 3D Space category and bring your project to the next level. Don’t forget, you can find every SciFi sound effect you’ll need on ProductionCrate!



Free 3D Facial Expression Blendshapes Pack

We recently discovered this treasure trove of free Facial Blendshapes provided by the Institute for Creative Technology at USC.

This pack has over 150 facial blendshapes and is released under the MIT license. The pack will help  you to create completely customizable characters with their amazing presets.

Mike Smith, a 3d and  VFX Artist at ProductionCrate.com shows us how we can harness the power of this collection in this video.


Start by shrink-wrapping the generic neutral base mesh onto a custom head model. Apply the shrink-wrapped head as a blend-shape. Any unique character can be set up for a realistic facial performance with very little time or effort.

Download Free 3D Models for VFX Artists

We released our biggest 3D Pack ever, the Modular Kingdom Pack. Download this Free 3D Collection of castle, buildings, walls and structures to use in your Visual Effects and filmmaking projects. RenderCrate  is a library full of free and Pro 3D models that you can download. Anything not marked with a star is 100% free! Find weapons, sports gear, vehicles and characters from our ever growing library.

If you’re looking for more 3D content for free, here’s a list of 5 wonderful resources. We’ll keep adding more to RenderCrate, so make sure to check back regularly.


  • Quixel Megascans library is absolutely massive, and packed full of high-quality 3D content. Their focus is on photogrammetry / scanned assets, so all the content photo-realistic. They recently acquired RD Textures, bringing some of the best scanned 3D Materials to their library. Quixel is free to use with Unreal Engine, they also have free assets to use with any other software


  • AmbientCG is a growing library of generative landscapes and photo-scanned content. From the creators of CC0-Textures (now under AmbientCG) this 3D library continues to provide free and reliable content!


  • SketchFab is a community driven platform, which means 2 things. First, there is a ton of content. Thousands of amazing assets are available to download for free. The only downside is not all licenses or quality of models are created equal. Make sure you understand the license associated with your model before using in any project.


  • Smithsonian 3D Has an open access to a massive library of 3D content available for download. The quality ranges broadly, but the scanned assets are extremely unique. Check the usage conditions for each model, as they do vary.


  • TurboSquid is another user submitted site. Since ShutterStock acquired them, the site seems to be going through some revisions. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they continue to provide 3D models. Usage rights will vary per-model, so make sure to check before using any downloads.


Find more 3D Models on RenderCrate.com 


Create Fog for CGI Renders in After Effects!

Fog and atmosphere always look awesome, but rendering them is still a pain. Noise, trouble with lights and lack of control (and of course slow rendering speeds) make us dread rendering fog scenes. Our approach is to add fog in post-production as often as possible using a depth pass.

This trick is cheap and easy! You can customize and make any adjustments without being stuck with rendered fog. Check out our tutorial here

Want to create this scene yourself? Find our Assets below!

3D Rigged Werewolf

3D Trees

Forest Ground Material

Werewolf Howl Sound Effects


3D Cyber Punk City Tutorial

Mike shows us his workflow for creating a Cyber Punk inspired city in 3D!

Find the 3D Futuristic Greeble Materials he used here

Learn Substance Painter Today!

Substance Painter is a powerful tool, now provided from Adobe, that let’s you texture your 3D assets with ease! This insane software is incredibly fun to use, but can be a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, Mellow Mike is here to save the day. Check out this incredibly fun tutorial showing you the A-Z Basics of Substance Painter using one of our 3D models. Download it here and follow along!


If you’re feeling ready to step it up, the next tutorial will help you create your own custom smart-materials! Once you’ve made one, you can use it for the rest of time. This is a beginner to intermediate level tutorial. While you don’t need them to learn, you can follow along with some of our grunge maps here

Download 3D Retro Technology Pack

Download this incredible Retro Technology Pack with a Computer, Laptop, Computer Mouse, Printer and Floppy Disk! These amazingly detailed 3D assets come with PBR textures for ultimate realism.

download 3d floppy disc


Use these 3D assets for your motion design, NFT project, Youtube videos and films!


Get instantaneous realistic results with minimal effort. This is just the latest in our growing collection of 3D assets, make sure to check back in the future for more amazing content!

How to Use Cloud VDB’s in Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max and more

Download high-resolution VDB clouds, wisps and atmosphere effects here.

Part of our growing library of 3D assets includes VDB files. But what are VDB files anyway?

Developed by DreamWorks, VDB’s are the CGI industries’ solution to storing three-dimensional grids of data. Each grid cell can contain a range of information, such as temperature, density, velocity and more. This makes it possible to efficiently store complex atmospheric phenomena such as clouds, explosions and even interstellar nebulae.

We’ve created several bundles of professional VDB assets that take your art to the next level. These allow you to join the many artists that are already utilising cinematic atmospheric effects in their projects. In addition to this, you can access our library of over 10,000 VFX, Sound Effects, Music and 3D Models.

Download Cloud and Tornado VDB Pack

This unique file type is not to be confused with polygon-based files, such as OBJ and FBX, which store solid 3D geometry – however, it is possible for these to accurately match the unique appearance of volumetric objects. In CG rendering, when light hits a solid object, the raytraced-path can easily be processed as a single interaction as it reflects from the surface. When entering a cloud, light can scatter erratically, requiring non-trivial approaches to simulate the appearance of the final image, such as ray-marching.

Due to the many ways that these can be rendered, different software and rendering engines have their own implementation of VDB’s. Once you know your software and rendering engine, click on the appropriate link below for their official documentation on how to use VDB files. If your software isn’t listed, there’s a good chance that they have information about VDB’s on their website.



3ds Max



We’re excited to see what you create with our cloud VDB assets. If you want to spice up your renders even further, check out our 4K Dust Overlay stock footage.