the Loki Transformation Effect!

Enjoy this Loki Transformation Effect in After Effects!

Find the Loki sound Effect here

Ghost Effect Tutorial – Ant-Man and the Wasp!

Check out this amazing Ghost Tutorial! We decided to create this effect after seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp

We used some of our Glitch VFX to help create this effect

These SciFi Hum sound effects were perfect for her phasing sounds

We used a variety of techniques to achieve this effect, watch the tutorial above to learn more!

Use Forced-Perspective to Make a Giant!

30fps x  X = 96fps

Where 30fps is our desired final frame-rate and 96fps is what we will be shooting in. The next step is to divide both sides by 30 –

30/30 x X = 96/30

to get

X = 3.2

the final step is to just find the square of that number

X² = 3.2²

3.2 x 3.2 = 10.24!

Now we can take 10.24 and multiply our actor’s height, 6ft

6 x 10.24 = 61.44

So we can make our actor around 60-65ft tall safely.

We used buildings and surrounding environments as a reference to get Adrian’s height to be consistently around 60ft. Keeping the ground-plane out of frame made things a lot easier. We shot at a low-angle to really sell the perspective.

The last step was to just rotoscope and mask out any foreground objects, like buildings, trees, cars, pedestrians, whatever! If you have any other moving objects, make sure to speed those up to real-time speed, your giant should be the only thing moving in slow-motion, or else you will ruin the illusion.

Put a Gun Through a Hand in After Effects!

Inspired by Deadpool 2, we wanted to challenge ourselves with getting this effect to look as realistic as possible.

We failed at our first attempt; trying to build the effect purely in post. After going back to the drawing-board we realized the best technique would be to have 2 identical guns, but one sawed in half. We glued the sawed off point onto a scrap of plastic and put the point through a hole in a glove.

We had a 2nd identical glove with no hole, that we used for the first part of the action.

Using tripods to stabilize our hands, we shot the gloved hand entering frame with the intact gun, and then swapped the intact gun for the sawed in half one, while swapping the intact glove to the glove with the gun barrel going through it.

After that, it was a matter of moving the clean-unholed glove into position with puppet pins, and a few matte techniques to give the appearance of the gun actually moving through the hand.

We used a variety of our blood assets as well as a muzzle flash to achieve this effect and tie everything together.

Broken Spine Tutorial

Using a dummy, a jumpsuit and some VFX magic we were able to re-create this fun effect from Deadpool 2.

We dropped the dummy from the top of the staircase a few times. When we had a fall we liked, we locked the camera down. We took a reference photo with a phone and then positioned Chris in roughly the same position as the dummy.

From there, it was a matter of transitioning from dummy to man with masks. We added some fake-pan with scale and position keyframes to give the camera a little movement during the transition.

Create Convincing Telekinesis-Effects

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Visual Effects will always work better when used with practical effects. This telekinesis tutorial is no different.

Using a real knife instead of a CGI knife, we were able to achieve realistic shadows, reflections, and motion far faster and cheaper than we could with a CGI knife.

The Wisp Assets are some of our favorite effects. They are easy to overlook because they lack the flashiness of other FX, but they’re subtle touch and unique  looks are why we use them in nearly every-other tutorial.

The Sorcerer’s Fireballs collection was an obvious choice for these effects. The fiery energy balls are nearly the exact look as those used in the Marvel movies.

Using the Solid Composite effect and a Tritone effect you can easily achieve the look and color you need from the Scarlet Witch telekinesis tutorial.