Download 5 Action Music Tracks!

We love our action scenes! The pacing of the edit, the looseness of the shooting and of course the music to drive the sequences make them some of the more fun projects to work on. is a great place to find your action music.

Our Action Category on SoundsCrate has been a consistently used section for many of our videos. So much so that we have started to re-use many of the same tracks. It was past due for us to spice things up!

The fantastic composers at Suite Tracks built us (and all of you) 5 new and amazing action tracks. These were made specifically to fit in a variety of films and videos. Our previous action tracks often leaned towards darker tones, while these new ones work well in comedy-action, training sequences and less-threatening but still intense scenes.


War Beat (Free)

Drums pound out excitement and trick your heart rate into trying to keep up in this awesome track. The start hits fast but the build up takes it’s time, ending in a crescendo that will leave you breathless.


No Warriors Here (Pro)

There is a playful, almost goofy vibe generated by this song. It evokes a sense of the 1940’s or 50’s, the war is just beginning and newspaper headlines splash across the screen!


Digital Distress (Pro)

This track maintains it’s synthetic texture while incorporating some classical instruments. It can work well in the Thriller Category  about as well as it works in the Action. Whatever is going on in your scene, it’s definitely not good. This can be used well in anything from a modern-superhero movie to an all out Cyborg vs. Vampires flick.


Conquest (Pro)

As the name suggests, this track is great for adventure. Well timed-bells signal the unifying of armies while violins keep pace with galloping hoofbeats of   the last remaining scout. This track is all build up, no crescendo, giving you the room to play around as needed.


Endless (Free)

Another track that would fit in well in our  Thriller Category , Endless keeps you on the edge of your seat while finding time to slow or speed things up without losing your attention.


Enjoy these tracks! Looking for more? See our other Music Posts Here!

5 New Thriller Tracks!

We have updated our Thriller Music category with 5 new tracks!


Hacker (Pro)

Time is running out, your hero has only a small window to hack into the mainframe, but security knows someone has broken into the building. Will he be able to get the documents onto the zip drive before he is caught?


No Release (Free)

This track gives you the feeling of being watched, but you don’t know from where. Keep moving, you never know how close they are.


Unseen Forces (Free)

Syncopated sounds keep you on edge in this track, there is no mystery any more, just the fear of the unavoidable.


Invisible Waves (Pro)

There is no obvious rhythm or beat in this track, it has an ominous tone, perfect for the abandoned laboratory or underground bunker scene!


Quiet Night (Pro)

This track has more of a haunting tone, and could fit in just as easily in our Suspense Category as our Thriller.

Looking for Epic Tracks, we got you covered! Check these out

New Film Noir Music

We have 5 New Film Noir tracks available for download! 3 are exclusively for Pro Users, 2 are Free for everyone.

When we were figuring out the skit for our Disintegration Tutorial we were inspired to make something with Film Noir vibes. Our main character was a detective who monologued in his head, so it just made sense!

This genre was popularized in the 40’s and 50’s, and has since become an iconic style, often satirized or used in genre templates for film-contests.

The fist thing you notice about Film Noir is the visual style. The look is high-contrast, often utilizing low-key lighting for the entire scene. This was due to the limited film budgets of the time, but they were artfully crafty in such a way that the handicap looked intentional. Dutch angles, low-angles and fog are also prominent features of this genre.

The second thing you notice about the genre is the music. It’s jazzy, melodic, sometimes intense and even menacing. You can’t make a film noir project without the music. Our 5 Tracks cover what you need, and if you want to build out your sound-design further we have some fantastic noir-inspired sound design assets as well!

You may even enjoy using these Spy Tracks, perfect for espionage and mystery scenes.

5 New Epic Tracks

Epic. That word gets thrown around a lot these days. We’re glad to bring you something truly epic. Our 5 latest tracks available on SoundsCrate are just that.

If you have soldiers marching into battle, heroes putting on the mask, or villains finalizing their plans, then the Epic Category is the place for you.

Now with 13 Total Tracks, find the right vibe for your scene.

The 5 Latest Tracks include


Final Fight (Pro)

This track is perfect for the hero-overcoming-obstacles scene. It’s not chipper, but is darker than some tracks.


Into Battle (Pro)

Darker tones, with a large-scale intensity. This is ideal if your warring orc army or legion of dead need to sharpen their blades and paint their faces.


Annihilation (Pro)

It starts out with an almost evil intensity. Perfect if your villain nearly has Pandora’s box, or your Pharaoh is about to sacrifice your film’s heroine.


On a Quest (Free)

This is a fun track. Great for the start of the journey, your idealistic young Prince doesn’t know the foulness that lays beyond his father’s realm, and is ready to charge off with his best friend.


Restless (Free)

Similar vibes as On a Quest, but more of a build-up than the beginning of the journey. Things aren’t quite settled, but something is about to happen.


Check out these wonderful tracks. We’re so excited to use them in our #SaturdayMorningTutorials and other films!



6 New Spy Music Tracks!

Need music for a heist, caper, spy scene or any sneaky business? We got you covered.

These 6 new tracks will make your audience wring their hands in anticipation. We’re offering a few tracks with more serious tones, and a few that are more playful. We’ve used these in a few of our shorts already, give them a listen and remember to use them next time your scene calls for some sneaky goodness!

Download them today! 4 of these tracks are exclusive for Pro Members, 2 of them are Free for all users!


Animated Hand Gestures

We have new animated hand-gestures, find them here

Pro Members can also download the easily customizable AE Template

These are perfect for Call-to-Actions, app videos, promotional videos, explainer videos and much more. These assets are all pre-matted and retain the alpha channel, so you can just drag and drop!

The phone screen asset is chroma-key green, so you can remove it and place in whatever video or image you would like. Motion track the phone easily and now you have a professional-level animation.

If you are an After Effects motion designer or motion graphics artist, download the AE Template, the hand gestures are easy to customize and the phone screen can be swapped with ease. Make sure to uncheck the ‘shy’ switch to see all the elements (such as the sleeve, hand, fingers) if you want to customize further!


5 New Hip-Hop Beats

We have 5 new tracks added to our Hip-Hop category.

These Hip Hop tracks are perfect for commercials, tutorials, and vlogs. These steady beats are perfect to match up voice-overs and cuts in your edit. Find them all here.

  1. Simple Loop Beat (Pro) Is basic, easy to use and loop indefinitely. Borderline positive-vibes with a medium tempo.
  2. Bass Groovy Beat (Free) Slow bass and snaps drive this track. The tempo never drives high, maintaining a steady rhythm. This is great for filling long spaces in your videos without distracting your viewers.
  3. No Limit Beat (Pro) Has a smooth build without ever breaking. The vibe is a little intense but not heavy. Great for a montage scene, maybe even to help build some suspense.
  4. Drop That Beat (Free) Lighter tones than the other new tracks, keys keep things a little brighter without going cheerful. The beat is a bit faster and continuous, another one without any major builds or breaks. You’ll be hearing this in a lot of our tutorials.
  5. Slow Bouncy Beat (Pro) Slower, groovy goodness. This is the most positive of the bunch, evoking the feeling of floating in water or driving along your favorite roads.