Epic Sound Effects

Some moments just need to be epic.

Maybe your hero makes the ultimate sacrifice, saving everyone else in the process. Or perhaps your hero is about to hold the holy relic, untouched by man for thousands of years. These moments can only be as epic as the sound accompanying them.  That’s why we decided to build the Epic Sound Design category. Monks and choirs, trailer hits, angels singing and drums beating are all available for you to use in your projects.

Here are some examples of what is available:

Angelic Choir


Monk’s Choir


Trailer Hit Riser Ghostly


Don’t let your epic scenes fall flat. Make your scenes epic, here are some of our favorite all-time epic scenes! Can you name them all?






20 Free Bullet Sound Effects

The next time you’re watching an action movie pay attention to the choice of sounds effects. When the camera is following the shooter you’ll notice how prominent the gunshots sounds are, but when the focus is on the subject being shot at you will hear ricochets, pings, bullet passes and similar sound effects. Those are what we have created for you today. We have 20 New and Free Bullet Sound Effects available for you to download.

Use these in combination with one another as well as other debris and glass breaking sound effects. The Guns Firing Collection will cover the rest.

You can stretch them or speed them up slightly to change the pitch and create an endless variety. Check out our demo below!


The Composing Team behind SoundsCrate

The team at Suite Tracks produces your exclusive music at SoundsCrate

Their tracks are unique, from the hard-hitting Hip Hop tracks to the fear inducing Suspense category you will find music you couldn’t ever find anywhere else. Suite Tracks takes pride in creating non-generic content for the Crate Community.

Gerardo Garcia Jr. and Isabelle Engman are a composing team based in LA, graduates of the prestigious scoring program at USC where they instantly connected and have been working together ever since. After several years of collaborating, they have found their unique sound. Working with clientele like Microsoft/Xbox, HBO, Sony Pictures, and of course ProductionCrate, they have proven that their music meets the highest standards.

Gerardo, who is a Texas native, comes with a long background of practicing and perfecting his composition skills. He has a strong background in orchestral music. Gerardo has an impeccable ability of coming up with the catchiest of melodies.

Isabelle is originally from Sweden. She started her music path playing piano, born with only one hand. She later steered into composition and scoring, assisting established composers behind films like Let The Right One In (2008) and the Grand Prize Cannes Winning Armadillo (2010). Isabelle has also worked professionally as a songwriter/producer for established record labels.

Combining their individual knowledge, experience, musical and ethnic backgrounds allow Suite Tracks to be an extremely versatile team.

One of their recent completed projects Sterling premiered at SXSW and will air on HBO in the spring of 2019. They are currently in post-production for an upcoming interactive series in collaboration with Sony Pictures/Ekko Media.

Suite Tracks will continue to produce original and exclusive content for ProductionCrate users. Every month 10 New tracks will be added, and the quality will continue to dwarf your expectations.

New Film Noir Music

We have 5 New Film Noir tracks available for download! 3 are exclusively for Pro Users, 2 are Free for everyone.

When we were figuring out the skit for our Disintegration Tutorial we were inspired to make something with Film Noir vibes. Our main character was a detective who monologued in his head, so it just made sense!

This genre was popularized in the 40’s and 50’s, and has since become an iconic style, often satirized or used in genre templates for film-contests.

The fist thing you notice about Film Noir is the visual style. The look is high-contrast, often utilizing low-key lighting for the entire scene. This was due to the limited film budgets of the time, but they were artfully crafty in such a way that the handicap looked intentional. Dutch angles, low-angles and fog are also prominent features of this genre.

The second thing you notice about the genre is the music. It’s jazzy, melodic, sometimes intense and even menacing. You can’t make a film noir project without the music. Our 5 Tracks cover what you need, and if you want to build out your sound-design further we have some fantastic noir-inspired sound design assets as well!

You may even enjoy using these Spy Tracks, perfect for espionage and mystery scenes.

5 New Epic Tracks

Epic. That word gets thrown around a lot these days. We’re glad to bring you something truly epic. Our 5 latest tracks available on SoundsCrate are just that.

If you have soldiers marching into battle, heroes putting on the mask, or villains finalizing their plans, then the Epic Category is the place for you.

Now with 13 Total Tracks, find the right vibe for your scene.

The 5 Latest Tracks include


Final Fight (Pro)

This track is perfect for the hero-overcoming-obstacles scene. It’s not chipper, but is darker than some tracks.


Into Battle (Pro)

Darker tones, with a large-scale intensity. This is ideal if your warring orc army or legion of dead need to sharpen their blades and paint their faces.


Annihilation (Pro)

It starts out with an almost evil intensity. Perfect if your villain nearly has Pandora’s box, or your Pharaoh is about to sacrifice your film’s heroine.


On a Quest (Free)

This is a fun track. Great for the start of the journey, your idealistic young Prince doesn’t know the foulness that lays beyond his father’s realm, and is ready to charge off with his best friend.


Restless (Free)

Similar vibes as On a Quest, but more of a build-up than the beginning of the journey. Things aren’t quite settled, but something is about to happen.


Check out these wonderful tracks. We’re so excited to use them in our #SaturdayMorningTutorials and other films!