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Two Composers Made this Free Epic Fantasy Music Album

You can now download our free Epic Fantasy Music Album. There are 30 Tracks in this amazing bundle. Find it in ProductionCrate’s  Fantasy Music Category

It’s easy to be fooled, but we didn’t work with an orchestra to make this collection. This incredible album was created by only two composers, SoundsCrate‘s Gerardo Garcia and Isabelle Engman.

These tracks hint at your favorite epic fantasy movies and shows. As you listen, stories and characters will come alive in your mind. The music is exceptionally narrative, without using any lyrics. 

”       These tracks were inspired by series like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance.     “

free epic music for download

Gerardo points out “All these works have massive world building stories, and the music had to match those inspirations.” 

Isabelle continues;

We like epic scores that have themes to cover the smaller intimate aspects of a film or show with unique instrumentation and tonality, but then have the sweeping themes with bigger intervals and lush orchestration to capture the scale of these fantasy and adventure series.”

This album was heavily influenced by composer Howard Shore, peppered with inspiration from  Ramin Djawadi, Daniel Pemberton and James Horner.

Check out the entire album here

If you’re wondering how only two people pulled off these magnificent orchestral sounds, they combined their classical knowledge of music with modern tools. Utilizing the software Logic Pro, Isabelle and Gerardo were able to compose mostly on a computer.  “Next time, it would be great to gather some musicians and record some solo playing!” 

If you’re lucky enough to be working on a Fantasy story, you’ve found the music you need. Whether you’re looking to download Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power inspired music, or scores reminiscent of Game of Thrones , we’ve got you covered. This 30 track album is completely free for download. Just sign in to a Free or Pro ProductionCrate Account and start downloading .

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