10 Royalty-Free Music Libraries for Film and Video

[]\Music is the heartbeat of any creative project. It sets the tone and captures the essence of a narrative. Whether you’re working on a spine-tingling suspense thriller, an adrenaline-pumping action sequence, a whimsical children’s animation, or an epic fantasy saga, finding the right soundtrack is essential. Luckily, SoundsCrate.com is host to hundreds of royalty-free songs and tracks to download, catering to various genres and moods. Each of these tracks were written and composed by industry professionals to ensure the the highest quality possible. Here are 10 categories to explore in our ever-growing song library.

Royalty-Free Suspense Music Tracks for Download

Suspense & Horror

Our Suspense Music collection includes eerie melodies and chilling tunes perfect for a creating spine-tingling atmosphere. These include eerie, droning orchestrations, as well as tracks perfectly suited to scoring horror movie scenes and trailers. These tracks keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


The timeless sound of the American frontier is captured in our royalty-free Western Music collection. Incorporating elements from classic Western film scores alongside the grit of modern retellings. There’s a variety to the mood you can set with these downloadable tracks, from triumphant to dangerous.


Elevate your action-packed scenes with our Action music collection. With these tracks you can add intensity to your chases, shootouts, and fight scenes. Download these powerful rhythms, electrifying beats & orchestrations to amplify the thrill of high-stakes moments.


For grand battles, epic journeys, and larger-than-life stories, nothing beats the grandeur of our Epic Music collection. This library caters to the genre with majestic orchestral arrangements, soaring choirs, and cinematic compositions that elevate the scope of any project. Perfect for cinematic set pieces in all settings.


Our Electronic Music library provides a diverse range of beats, synths, and experimental sounds. Perfect for futuristic settings, tech-themed content, or anything that requires a contemporary edge. This collection is ideal for filmmakers and content creators alike.

Hip Hop

Our royalty-free Hip Hop music has a variety of uses and utility. Add a unique cool factor to your projects with laid-back beats and melodic synths. Use these in the background or use them as the centerpiece of your films and videos.


Corporate projects demand music that is professional, uplifting, and motivational without overpowering the message. Our Corporate Music provides a blend of inspiring tunes, light melodies, and positive vibes. These tracks are ideal for presentations, commercials, and business-related content.

Children & Animated

Music tailored for children and animated content needs to be bright and cheerful with playful melodies. The Children & Animated Music category is filled with whimsical tunes, catchy rhythms, and delightful sounds. Perfect for all-ages content and cartoons.


Download tracks from our Fantasy Music collection to transport viewers to mystical realms. These tracks evoke wonder and imagination with enchanting melodies & orchestrations, and ethereal sounds. This is one of our favorite categories for magical scenes both past and present.


Our Funny Music library harkens back to the iconic comedies of the past.  These include whimsical compositions and quicky tunes for lightening the mood and complimenting comedic scenes. Its hard not to crack a smile while listening to these songs.

These are just a few of the libraries on SoundsCrate.com. All of the music on SoundsCrate is available for commercial and non-commercial use, with new music being added regularly. Users who sign up for a Free ProductionCrate account will be able to download 1/3 of the music on SoundsCrate, while Pro users get full access to the SoundsCrate music catalog, along with thousands of VFX, 3D Models, Sound Effects, Plugins, and more. Sign-up today!