Free Funny Music

Download 15 Free Funny Music Tracks for Video Editors

Comedy is hard

It is one of the least forgiving genres. Setting up a joke and missing the mark is painful. The best way to avoid falling flat is to warm your viewers up and make them ready to laugh! A great way to do this is by utilizing comedy music in your edits. Your funny tracks will set the tone for your video. If your audience is ready to laugh, you’re already half way there. The problem is, finding comedic tracks is hard. Comedy is situational, whether your characters are sneaking around causing mischief, or the mischief is happening to them. Comedy has a subset for all other genres, so you’ll need music to fit so many styles.

That’s why we’ve spent the last month developing 15 new comedy tracks. The best part? They’re 100% Free for anyone to download and use. Find the perfect tracks for your projects now!

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