3D Scale Lock – Matte Painting Script for After Effects

If you’ve ever done matte painting in AE, you may have come across this annoying issue.

All your layers are looking great, your matte painting is some of your best work ever, and now all you have to do is position your layers in 3D space to add a little camera movement. Then comes the tedious, annoying, laborious process of moving layers in Z space, scaling them to fit the correct framing, moving, scaling, moving, scaling…

No more of that. With our latest free AE script, we’ve come up with a technique so you can get your matte painting layers set in 3D space faster, without having to re-scale! Make sure you are logged in with your Basic or Pro account then click to Download the Crate’s 3D Lock Script Here

Learn how to use the script in detail in this tutorial! This script would be useful for 2D to 3D painting as well, working perfectly with our Free Projection/Camera Mapping Script