Download City Road Tile 3D Models

Download Modular City Road 3D Models – Tutorial

Download the 3D City Road Models here.

Along every 3D modeller’s journey, there is an attempt to create a 3D city.

Several fatiguing hours later, it becomes clear that this project is no walk in the park. One of the most time-consuming steps in such a project is creating the roads, where everything from pathways, streetlights, curbs, lanes, props and markings have to be taking into consideration. Building a 3D city is a time-consuming endeavour!

We’re offering the most comprehensive solution to 3D roads for your city scenes. This bundle contains over 60+ road modular tiles that can be pieced together instantly, allowing you to construct your cities foundations within minutes instead of weeks. Whether you are producing blockbuster VFX, architectural renders or games, this 3D road kit is for you.

Download City Road Tile 3D Models

City roads are complex, which is why this bundle contains a vast variety of road types. These come in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 lane variations, giving you the flexibility to piece together everything from bustling city centres to suburban alleyways. Changing from a 6-lane road to a 4-lane road is as simple as inserting a lane conversion module.

Lanes can also intersect with our 3D crossroad tiles, helping you construct the iconic grid of cities such as New York and Los Angeles. These come with every possible combination of road types on offer, such as 2×2, 3×4, 3×6 and more.

Download 3D City Road Tiles 3D Models

To save you even more hassle, these 3D road tiles have also been constructed with low-poly props such as streetlights, road signs, traffic cones, bus stops, bins and more. This introduces instant depth and detail to bring your city to life.

These are provided in FBX format, helping retain the real-world scale and easy-to-setup materials for your project.

How to use the 3D City Road Kit

After downloading the bundle, import the “RenderCrate-Road_Tiles_Individual_Detailed.FBX” file to your 3D scene. Make sure that your Up direction is set to the Z-axis. If your objects come in flipped at a 90° angle, no worries! Just flip them back upright.

We’ve designed this road kit to fit together seamlessly. You will need to set your 3D scene to “snap” objects into position at units of 3-feet. This is so that when you move your road tiles, they will slot into place at discrete intervals, similar to toy bricks. Just remember to set your units to feet, and your grid to 3-foot spacing. Here are some useful tutorials that cover this in Blender, Cinema4D, and 3ds Max.

Road Tile Materials

The entire collection contains 3 basic materials (Road, Path and Objects). Slot in the photorealistic textures we have provided, and within a minute you will have the entire collection of 60+ tiles sharing the same consistent appearance. This means you can adjust the darkness, reflectivity, glossiness and displacement of the road and have the changes conveniently apply to the entire city.

You should now be able to start copying roads from the neatly arranged collection of modules and piece them together.

3D City Road Preset Models

It doesn’t end there! We’ve included 4 various pre-built city road templates to save you even more time. These come with “building seeds” that can be used to easily scatter buildings in the correct positions. This can be done using a proxy instancer or a particle system, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Download 3D City Road Model Presets

To further expand your virtual world, you can check out our highway road modules and various street props.

We’re proud to be building the most comprehensive collection of VFX, sound effects, graphics and 3D models to help you build the impossible. With constant updates to our library of over 10,000+ assets, you can become part of the growing community of creatives improving their projects by joining ProductionCrate today.